January 4, 2011



YEAR IN REVIEW: Saanich News looks back at the top headlines

Saanich News
December 31, 2010
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Sewage excerpt:

Sewage plans move along

Ten years after the Ministry of Environment mandated regional sewage treatment, the Capital Regional District approved a plan to go forward with constructing a plant at McLoughlin Point.

The CRD estimated capital costs for the sewage treatment system at $782 million, plus annual operating costs of $14.5 million. The provincial and federal governments have pledged to contribute funding.

Taxpayers across the region were originally told to expect property tax increases of up to $500 but, by December, the estimated cost to Saanichites on the sewer system was adjusted to an increase of $228 annually, based on a 25-year lending model.

Liquid and solid waste will both flow to the McLoughlin Point site. Liquid waste will be treated there in multiple stages. Solid waste will be pumped to Hartland landfill. Energy recovery from the solids is part of the plan.

"Could McLoughlin be expanded in the future? Absolutely not," Brownoff said. "But maybe this system will last longer than 15 years."

The plan also includes the removal of grit separators from McLoughlin, to be installed at Clover and Macaulay Points, freeing up additional plant space.




The State of the Region's Environment: Understanding the Issues and Taking Action

UVic Continuing Studies

How green is our region? Explore the state of our environment and learn about the pressures, progress and trends that face southern Vancouver Island. From parks and protected areas, to stormwater, waste and air quality, this session will highlight the connectivity of environmental systems, services and functions and the various roles of local, regional and provincial governments. 

Participants will gain a better understanding of the planning, management and monitoring of environmental resources and be introduced to the many services and programs that contribute to maintaining a healthy, vibrant region.

Note: There will be a short lunch break. Please bring your own lunch.

This session is free, but please register so we can guarantee you a seat.

Biographies of instructors:

Dr. Glenn Harris is the senior manager of the CRD Environmental Protection Division. Since 2008, Glenn has led a team of staff in providing scientific and technical expertise in order to protect the region’s environmental resources and functions.

Sarah Webb, BSc, SBA, is a sustainability professional, an activist, and a mom. She currently leads up the CRD Climate Action Program which aims to support thirteen municipalities and three electoral areas in developing and implementing emissions reduction and adaptation strategies.

ASEI003 The State of the Region's Environment: Understanding the Issues and Taking Action (2011S-C01)

The State of the Region's Environment: Understanding the Issues and Taking Action

Start Date: 05/03/2011
End Date: 05/03/2011
Instructor: Sarah Webb, Glenn Harris
Location: Engineering/Computer Science