October 13, 2014

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- CHEK: It’s back to the drawing board for sewage treatment plans for Greater Victoria
- CTV: Seaterra Project is Dead
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News stories:
CRD committee approves creation of westside group to study sewage treatment
CRD takes new tack on sewage treatment



Audio-Visual News:

It’s back to the drawing board for sewage treatment plans for Greater Victoria

CHEK News video clip ends with the question about jeopardizing half a billion dollars in provincial and federal funding: 


CTV: Seaterra Project is Dead


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News stories:

CRD committee approves creation of westside group to study sewage treatment

Kyle Reynolds
CFAX 1070
October 08, 2014 

The CRD's sewage committee has unanimously approved the creation of a subcommittee of westside mayors that wants to study its own solution to sewage treatment.

Should it be approved at the board level today, the subcommittee would be composed of officials from Colwood, Langford, Esquimalt, and View Royal.

Esquimalt mayor Barb Desjardins says the group intends to hold consultation sessions with the public and the Songhees First Nation, whose leader -- Chief Ron Sam -- wrote the CRD board a letter supporting the sub-regional approach.

"What this does is it brings our First Nations, who are participants in this whole process, to a place where they have a voice. They've been consulted, but this will bring them into a full decision making ability within a sub-group."

Politicians from Victoria, Saanich, and Oak Bay, meanwhile, continue to meet about possibly forming a subcommittee of their own.


CRD takes new tack on sewage treatment

OCTOBER 8, 2014

A proposal to develop sub-regional plans for sewage treatment has been endorsed by Capital Regional District directors.

CRD directors approved creation of a subcommittee with representatives from Colwood, Saanich, View Royal, Esquimalt and the Songhees First Nation. With CRD assistance, the subcommittee’s job will be to evaluate options and develop a sewage-treatment plan and resource-recovery plan in their region.

The goal is to produce a conceptual plan for treatment and resource recovery by March 2015 that optimizes existing infrastructure, is environmentally sound and minimizes costs. The first step will be to consult residents.

After months of acrimony and bitter debate at the CRD over sewage treatment plans, the new approach was welcomed by west-side representatives.

“This is a terrific report,” Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins said. “I want to thank staff for all the work that you’ve done in terms of meeting with municipalities’ staff and west-side people to get this to where we are today.”

Victoria Coun. Geoff Young, who chairs the core area liquid waste committee, said the subcommittee represents the new reality, given that McLoughlin Point is not available for a treatment plant.

Desjardins said the new structure will give First Nations a voice in the process.

“That is significant. [First Nations] have been held on the outside. They’ve been consulted, but this will bring them within a full decision-making ability within a subgroup. And we have heard loud and clear that’s very important,” she said.

Work is underway on similar plans for Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich and neighbouring First Nations. Victoria staff are developing a three-phase business case to explore options for siting and management of a Victoria-only system as well as for another system that would include Oak Bay and Saanich.

The CRD’s plans for sewage treatment stalled when Esquimalt refused to rezone McLoughlin Point for a plant. The province refused to overturn the decision.

Meanwhile, the fate of $500 million in senior-government funding that had been available for what was to be a $788-million sewage-treatment program remains uncertain. The two-thirds federal and provincial funding is envisaged in the CRD’s approved liquid-waste management plan. But that plan was based on a sewage-treatment plant operating at McLoughlin Point by 2018.

A substantial change to the project — such as a new plant location — might require the CRD to reapply for funding, with no guarantees of approval. Even if funding for a modified project is approved, there are no guarantees it would be at the same level.

CRD staff and politicians agreed that meeting completion deadlines while developing a new plan will be challenging at best.


Capital Regional District Develops a New Subcommittee Framework for Wastewater Treatment Planning

Oct 08, 2014


Victoria, BC–The Capital Regional District (CRD) has developed a new framework which will allow municipalities and First Nations that are participating in the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Plan (CALWMP) to take a leading role in their communities to identify local opportunities as part of a holistic regional solution.

This new framework gives CALWMP participants the opportunity to have subcommittees or to work individually with the support of staff from the CRD and their own staff to develop and evaluate treatment options for their communities, conduct costing exercises and work with other municipalities to optimize existing conveyance infrastructure. Any subcommittee that is formed will report to the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (CALWMC) and CRD Board and will be supported by CRD staff.

Westside participants (Colwood, Esquimalt, Langford, View Royal, and Songhees First Nation) are taking advantage of this new framework and have developed the Westside subcommittee. This subcommittee will work with CRD staff and a technical working group to develop a sub-regional wastewater treatment plan which aligns with the needs and desires of Westside participants. An engagement and consultation campaign with Westside residents will be the first step in developing wastewater treatment options through the Westside subcommittee.

A parallel process could be developed with Victoria, Saanich and Oak Bay. Already the City of Victoria is exploring options for a Victoria only system and for a system cooperating with Saanich and Oak Bay which could become part of an overall strategy under this CRD subcommittee framework.

The municipalities of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood and Langford and the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations collectively are participants of the Core Area Liquid Waste Management Service which is managed and operated by the CRD in accordance with theCALWMP. The Province has confirmed that the CRD is responsible for implementing secondary wastewater treatment in the core area within timelines prescribed in the CALWMP. Provincial and Federal funding agreements that provide approximately $500 million toward the $788 million project are contingent on meeting these timelines.

For more information on the subcommittee framework or on how the CRD is planning for wastewater treatment, please visit: www.crd.bc.ca/wastewater.